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10 Different Ways To Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

If you have some old bed sheets that you’re just not sure what to do with, I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration here!

10 Innovative Way to Reuse Your Old Bedsheets Into Something New  & Different!

Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Auto Emergencies

Keep a spare bed sheet in your car for emergencies! If you have to change a flat tire, you can spread it out on the ground to keep yourself clean while you work. You can also use it to absorb those unavoidable spills that only seem to happen when you don’t have any napkins handy.

sleeping-bag-liner Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Sleeping Bag Liner

Use an old sheet to make a sleeping bag liner. Sleeping bag liners are thin fabric bags that are great take to hotels, hostels, or other places where you may want an extra layer between yourself and the bed. (They’re also good for keeping the inside of your sleeping bag clean, if you’re a camper.)

To make your own sleeping bag liner, just fold your old bed sheet in half, sew the long edge shut, as well as one of the shorter edges.

crafting-tunic-or-smock Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Crafting Tunic/Smock

Use an old sheet to make a tunic that will keep you clean while you’re crafting! Just cut a hole for your head somewhere in the middle of the sheet, and wear it while you’re doing messier crafts to keep your clothes clean.

cleaning-rags Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Cut an old bed sheet up into smaller squares and use them as cleaning rags. I love to keep a stash of bed-sheet rags in the house for those messes that you know will stain your kitchen towels. I just use my sheet rags to clean it up, and then I don’t have to feel bad if I have to throw them away afterwards.

give-to-a-pet Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Give To A Pet

Give an old bed sheet to your pet! Your dog or cat will love having something to cuddle up on that smells like their favorite human. This can be especially helpful for anxious animals.

quilt-backing Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Quilt Backing

If your sheets are a cute color and are still in fairly good condition, you can give them a new life by using them as backing material for a quilt!


Garden Protection

You can keep your garden growing longer in the fall by covering it up on nights that are supposed to be especially chilly. An old bed sheet would work perfectly to insulate your plants from the cold!

donate Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets


If your bed sheets are still in pretty good shape, consider donating them to Goodwill or your local thrift store.

hand-warmers Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Use the fabric of your old bed sheet to make some easy DIY hand warmers. Just cut out a small rectangle of cloth and sew it closed on two side. Fill the pouch with dry rice or dry beans, then stitch the open edge closed. Warm up a couple of these little pouches on frigid winter mornings, and keep one in each of your coat pockets. Your fingers will thank you!

dropcloth-loose-fit-slipcover-twill-o Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

Drop Cloth

Use your old bed sheet as a drop cloth for a painting project! It’s easier to manipulate than a plastic sheet, and much less likely to tear accidentally.

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