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feversong by kares marie moning

Review: Feversong by Karen Marie Moning – Vague & Disappointing Finish To a Grand Series

The Feversong brings down the curtains on one of the most popular series of Karen Marie Morning. The series which begun with the arrival of Mac to the shores of Ireland culminates with her poised to begun another journey but it does provide a closure of sorts to her previous sojourn.

The book does not see a dull moment and is a pulse-pounding thriller with unexpected twists that will hit you for a six! In a race to save their world, the humans and the fae’s unite and face their common enemy, the black hole. There is conspiracy and betrayal when you least expect it, heroism from morally bankrupt characters and courage from the weakest. The multilayered book is packed with surprises.

So why do I say “closure of sorts”? The series began with the murder of Alina and the righteous sister cum heroine of Alina hot footing to Ireland intent on finding the killer. In Dublin, Mac encounters the mysterious Barron who turns into her boss/mentor/part time lover. The two combine their resources and start hunting for a powerful book Sinsar Dubh – an ancient book of dark magic said to be created by the dark king.

While the plotline enlarges to include the fae world, tussle between seelie and the unseelie for the ultimate power, seer’s, police seeking to solve the murder and the tussle between the humans and far, the underlying narrative of the potency of Sinsar dubh and the pain of losing Alina remains constant.

Imagine the surprise when Alina mysteriously turns up alive (we later come to know HOW she was brought alive) and the subsequent reactions of Mac which just does not dovetail with the narration. The conclusion to Alina’s characters left me largely dissatisfied – what was the point in resurrecting her then? The character of Mac constantly fluctuates, sometimes proving to be wise and sometimes turning out to be superficial.

Sinsar Dubh had attained something of a malevolent, mythical, unbeatable opponent kind of image. Everyone were wary of it and were scared of it. Yet when the book makes its appearance, it quickly devolves into a petulant delinquent juvenile throwing a tantrum at a rock party. Somehow I was unable to visualize it as the dark and menacing sentient capable of annihilation. The final fight should have been between Mac & Sinsar Dubh instead Mac and her entourage end up fighting the black hole.

The character of Mac constantly fluctuates, sometimes proving to be wise and sometimes turning out to be superficial. Nor is Dani’s love life convincing. The starting pages hinted at growing attraction between Ryodan and Dani yet Dani ends up with her bestie who conveniently dies clearing the path for Ryodan. That Ryodan does not act upon his instincts as does Dani is another source of dissatisfaction.

Towards the end, Mac turns into the queen of fae. She is ambivalent about her sudden elevation which is quite natural for anyone but the dissatisfaction sets in when we realize that the author has left the series open ended with the prospect of cruce, jayn all having the chance of becoming her future consort.

The relationship between Barron and Mac grows in fits and starts but it never manages to have a depth.

The fate Dageus Mackeltar, rescued by Ryodan and undergoing terrifying transformation in the dungeons of Chester club is left open ended. How does he fare with the clan? Has he adjusted to the change?

In Summation, Feversong is a good read but I wish Karen Marie Moning releases next installment in the series that provides closure to all the characters. Does Cruce/Valen succeed in becoming the dark king? What happens to Jayne? Do Ryodan and Dani hit it off? what about the loose cannon Shazam? Feversong leaves us with many unanswered questions.

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