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women's safety
Source: sheepdogsafetytraining.com

Self Defense For Women – Be The Red Riding Hood & Outfox The Big Bad Wolf

Self Defense For Women – How To Protect Ourselves From Predators

women's safety self defense for women
Source: sheepdogsafetytraining.com

When we were children we have read or heard the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf’ . The story of a girl who outwits the hungry wolf with her calm common sense and courage greatly motivated us, we too believed that with courage and common sense, we can outwit the real life wolves that are forever on the prowl but it was not to be so. The issue of women’s safety has assumed an epidemic proportion.


Open a newspaper or surf the net or watch the TV, there always is a news , a snippet reporting an outrage against a woman. Her modesty is outraged  or she is at the receiving end of acid or she is stabbed multiple times in a public place – Where is the safety for women? Day by day atrocities on women is escalating, from 3-year-old young innocent child to 80-year-old frail old woman – none are spared. The law is understaffed and overwhelmed, in such a scenario, a few commonsensical precautions can ensure women’s safety ( to an extent).

Self defense for women has become of paramount importance. Here are 10 ways to safeguard yourself against predators or other criminals;

1. Be on the alert:

Awareness of your surroundings is your first line of defense. When you are out in the public, do not lose yourself in your thoughts or retreat into your shell. Be aware of your surroundings, the perpetrator’s initial strategy is to surprise and ambush the victims.

Numerous studies have found that the perps usually target a person who appears to be oblivious of their surroundings. By projecting a “Keenly alert” vibe, you can avert numerous potential mishaps.

2. Ditch the Mobile Phone

women's safety
source: combatstudies

If you are walking by yourself or with friends, get off the phone! Many people think, talking on the phone prevents attacks or mugging as it shows they are in contact with someone BUT it rarely helps. Talking or chatting on the phone distracts you, prevent you from being alerted to a possible crime.

3. But keep your cell phone handy

I know, this suggestion sounds contrary to the above-mentioned tip but we are not saying that you must talk over the phone but we are advising you to keep the phone handy. Today’s phone comes with speed dial option, Preset numbers to emergency contacts, police  or security. In the case of a threat or emergency, hit the speed dial.

4. Self Defense class

women's safety
Source: speakingtree

There are lots of self-defense classes mushrooming in the city. However, most of these classes are a weak version of traditional martial arts. Even though traditional martial arts are a means of defense, the watered down version taught by present day instructors usually are no help when it matters.

So, before enrolling yourself, find out whether there are any classes that specifically teaches you how to defend yourself when you are attacked by a rapist or accosted by violent criminals, classes which teach you how to protect yourself when attacked from behind. Enroll only when all these classes are taught by experts.

5. When approaching your parked car/vehicle

If you are approaching your stationary car in a deserted parking lot, ALWAYS look beneath the car.
If you see a van or a handy Omni/SUV parked near the driver side of your car, enter from the driver side. Perpetrators usually use a vehicle that gives out the impression of  “family vehicle” , some even may display “family signs” with diapers, strollers or handbag placed in obvious places to lull you into a false sense of security.

6. Stay away from the car if it has a flat tire especially on lonely stretch

women's safety
Source: beingindian

If you see your previously perfect car sporting a flat tire, BACK AWAY !! head back to the nearest convenience store or mall, stay in a public place and call for help from accredited car service vendors or from someone you trust. If someone comes to you (when you are alone in the parking lot or which entails you to walk to a deserted road) and offers help , decline politely! If it is a man, he could be a predator and if it is a woman, she could be the  siren who lures you to danger.

7. Do not give your personal information in a loud voice

If you are asked to share your address or personal details, never hand it over verbally. Write down your address and hand it over for verification. This prevents the lurking perp from using it to his advantage.

8. Pay attention to the bartender.

women's safety rape in a party
Source: greece.greekreporter

It’s always better to pour your own drink at a party or watch the bartender as he completes your order. For extra safety, it is better to order wine as it is handed over almost immediately instead of mixed drink, which takes time and allows you become  distracted.

Take your drink wherever you go, even to the washroom. This prevents anyone from adding drugs into your drink.

9. Women’s Nuke bomb – Pepper spray

Pepper spray is a potent weapon or so many women believe. There is pluses and minus in using  pepper spray as means of defense. While it can deter many from getting closer to you,various studies have found that the spray sometimes does not work even if you spray directly on the face of the attacker. Besides, you lose valuable time as you fumble in your bag to pull out the spray.

10. Escape or flee 

women's safety
Source: yourstory

Though it may seem cowardly, this is your best option. Suppose you are suddenly confronted by a predator, he quietly asks you to go with him (probably to a secluded place) and promises no harm to you if you follow his instructions. It would seem prudent to obey him BUT once you leave the initials scene, you are placing yourself totally in his control!  You are in greater chances of getting hurt. Instead , yell loudly for help, create a ruckus to attract attention. If the criminal is after your purse or something precious, throw it in one direction while you run in opposite direction.

Do you have any tips that will ensure women’s safety? Do share it with us.

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