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Shakti : Soumya Confesses Her Love For Harman But …..

Ardent and long time viewers of  Shakti Astitve Ke Ehsaas Ki Would be aware of the long and turbulent love story of Harman and Soumya. Preeto who has been set against Harman and Soumya is finally going to realize her dream of getting rid of Soumya from Harman’s life.

Yes, Soumya has decided to embrace the Kinnar world and become their Guruma. The process for renouncement has already begun. On the other hand, Harman will not stay quiet. He too will opt to become a monk.

Soumya will be perturbed by this news. She will also realize that she loves Harman deeply.In order to stop Harman from becoming a monk, Soumya will leave the Kinnar residence stealthily. Soumya reaches the place where Harman is and confesses her love for Harman leading to few happy moments.

However, their joy will be shortlived as the kinnars will get wind of the affairs and rush to the premise. They will try to drag Soumya back with them but Harman will refuse to let go of Soumya.

Will the lovers be united or is it separation time again?

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