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10 Facts About Asthma You Should Know


WHO (World Health Organization)  estimates show that there are 235 million people affected by Asthma. The number of Americans with Asthma is increasing rapidly, at present, there are 26 million Americans, of the 26 million, 18.9 million are adults and 7.1 million are children. It is higher in females than …

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Chikungunya – Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Chikungunya Treatment, symptoms, prevention

The rain gods have been quite generous with their largesse, particularly in North India. This unforeseen generosity has given rise to an increase in water-borne diseases. Dengue which ideally makes its debut every year after the monsoon is now accompanied by another viral-based disease known as Chikungunya. What is ChikunGunya? Chikun …

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