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yoga origin and benefits of yoga in daily life

The Origin, Importance & Benefits of Yoga In Our Daily Life

benefits of yoga
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The original spirit of yoga inspires the life force located at the base of the spine. This is achieved with the help of different mental and physical exercises. There are different levels or methods of Yoga postures or so-called ‘asanas’ available that can keep the human body healthy and calm. There are breathing exercises and meditation,which helps in keeping the mind calm and relaxed.


With time the popularity of yoga is increasing and across different parts, enthusiasts are seen following this particular technique on a regular basis. The aim of yoga is to help every individual attain enlightenment and transcend self. According to Bhagavad Gita, any person achieves yoga when a disciplined mind gets free from all kinds of desires and gets absorbed in the self alone.


benefits of yoga
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With time yoga is being recognized in many leading countries and the number of enthusiasts is increasing with every passing time. The source of yoga was about a thousand years back in ancient India. The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit language that means “Yug” which means to unite or yoke.

In the present day time, most individuals believe it to be a physical exercise which helps them to be physically fit and provide mental calmness. In reality, the purpose of yoga is to provide deep spirituality which helps in uniting universal consciousness and the individual soul.

According to experts, yoga is believed to as old as humankind, but there is no such evidence to prove this fact. There is some archaeological evidence of yoga way back in the year 3000 BC. Few scholars believe yoga was practiced even before that time, during the period of Stone Age. It is also believed that regular Yoga and Shamanism helps in healing members of individual communities. In present day time, yoga is being practiced not only in India but also across the globe.

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga
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Yoga is one effective way of ensuring a healthy mind and healthy body; it has nothing to do with religion. A man is mental, physical and spiritual being; this particular practice helps in balancing all the three in a suitable manner. There are various other forms of physical exercises; one such is aerobics that ensures physical wellbeing only. Yoga is one particular activity that will ensure both spiritual and physical well-being. There are many benefits of yogic practices. Regular yoga exercise will fill your body with all cosmic energy and within few days’ time, you can feel the change. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Yoga is known to promote self-healing

2. Regular yoga helps in attaining perfect harmony and equilibrium

3. Doing yoga on a daily basis helps in removing negativity from the human mind and all toxins from body

4. It is also known to enhance personal power

5. Regular yoga can increase your self-awareness and confidence

6. Yoga, when practiced from the very early age, is known to increase concentration, focus, and attention

7. Regular yoga can reduce tension and stress in human body to a considerable amount

8. Regular yoga can make you feel energized and rejuvenated, gives full power to your mind and body

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