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UMeTv Dev Shifts To Sonakshi’s House – Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

It’s a joyous occasion in Bose House. Saurabh is getting engaged to Ronita. Everybody are dancing and enjoying themselves. The ceremony is proceeding smoothly when the doorbell rings.

Bijoy opens the door and is shocked!! He is wildly angry on seeing the intruder who has completely killed the happy atmosphere.

The Bose family go into a huddle. Sonakshi tries to explain to Bijoy that she herself invited Dev to stay in the house cyz she wants Suhana’s happiness. Sona reminds Bijoy that just like him, she too wants her daughter’s happiness. She promises him that nothing untoward will happen, but Bijoy refuses to listen..

He finds himself standing alone as the whole family stands behind Sonakshi

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