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Varun Dhawan October Movie

Varun Dhawan| Banita Sandhu| Shoojit Sircar October Trailer – Cool Breeze in Hot Summer

Ahh!! At last the teasing and enticing  done by October team gets a major thrust with the arrival of the trailer predominantly showcasing the skills of Varun Dhawan, Hotel, Hospital and Banita Sandhu.

The trailer opens with a curtain opening (literally on screen) with Varun’s voice in the background exclaiming ” Where’s Dan?…….”. It soon shifts to a busy star hotel and shows the daily operations of the staff who are on their feet to keep it ship shape. Varun is part of the staff working as a trainee/intern in this hotel as is Banita.

It becomes obvious that Varun’s character Dan has a crush on Banita and keeps an eye on her. Everything is proceeding smoothly as it does in intern’s life when an unexpected accident sends Banita into the hospital. Things turn slightly intense at this point when Banita apparently loses herself and becomes a mere shell of her former self incapable of recognizing anybody nor possessing the ability to survive without a caretaker. Dan aka Varun becomes that caretaker.


What I Thought About the  October Trailer:

Oddly enough, Despite the film NOT being similar in any way to Barfi,  it was Barfi which came to my mind while watching the trailer. That and a Hollywood  movies that I watched eons ago, a dystopian film about a guy who becomes obsessed with his robot and travels throughout the world carrying it along with him to find a replacement for the damaged part.

Varun as Dan tries to play the simple human being, (note simple human not a simpleton) who is enormously interested in Banita. Try is the keyword here because I did not feel Dan, I felt varun. Probably because when you are seeing a character that’s slightly borderline misfit, you expect him to fumble or be refined or hesitant or possess a gravitas and/or idealism when he speaks. But the casual, throwaway dialogue delivery of Varun remind you of Humpty or of his numerous Masala movie avatars. To Put it simply, It grates!! But where his dialogue modulation jars, Varun scores with his expressions. The grumpy, irritable, hardworking guy who has a soft corner for a girl from his college/workplace to a man who unselfishly dedicates himself to give whatever happiness he could to a brain damaged/ vegetative girl is amazing.

In Barfi, If Priyanka’s obsession or single minded focus on Ranbir came across as cute and plausible, in October Dan’s obsession seems creepy and even toxic (for him).

The trailer shows a world that’s practical within which resides a utopian Dan. We see him, We watch him but you don’t connect to him the way we did in Barfi or Sadma.

Even though Banita Sandhu is present in the trailer, we don’t get much about her character nor does she leave much of an impression except in one scene – Dan is carrying her (after the hospital released her presumably) and she gives a blank look devoid of recognition or awareness.. yet you as a audience feel something at that moment. So I am not going to write her off at the moment.

Both Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu look well paired, are easy on the eye but will they create a place in out hearts?

Dialogues are a natural and there are few liners which strikes at you, makes you aware of how cynical and selfish we have become.

The biggest plus point to the movie is its cinematography and the background score. Never intrusive, the background score enhances the frame with its subtle music. The camera turns poetic as it captures each and every locales and frames.

“Where is Dan?”  A simple question – Could it be the reason why an intrigued Dan takes care of Banita Sandhu, So that he finds the answer to the question that plagues him – Why did a beautiful girl ask for him?. Will we as audience get an answer to that question. Hmm, Lets wait for October in April!

Watch the Trailer Here:



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