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Easy To Make Curry Leaves|Kadipatta Chutney|Thogaiyal

curry leaves Chutney

1+  Curry leaves are used extensively in Asian cooking especially in SouthIndian cooking. They are one of the sought out stars of tadka. curry leaves garnish the yogurts or buttermilk lending their gentle aroma to the soothing liquid. Curry leaves wink across at you while floating on the creamy sambhar …

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*NSFW* Giant Python Swallows a 25 Year Old Indonesian Man!!

0It looks like a horror movie. As a villager slices open the belly of a python, a man’s body emerges, after it had been swallowed whole by the giant snake the day before. The video of the episode emerged after a search party in the remote Indonesian village of Salubiro, …

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New York Fashion Week: 2017 Spring Trends That Rocked The Runway

0 From the glamorous runway to your closet, we have gathered, shortlisted and compiled the looks that make the cut for this year’s spring/summer collections. We are listing our top 10 NYFW Spring Trends  2017 The Straight and Narrow RED Proenza Schouler The Bold Stripes Flower Power NYFW Spring trends …

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