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10 Different Ways To Reuse Your Old Bed Sheets

If you have some old bed sheets that you’re just not sure what to do with, I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration here! 10 Innovative Way to Reuse Your Old Bedsheets Into Something New  & Different! Auto Emergencies Keep a spare bed sheet in your car for emergencies! If you …

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Flora Borsi’s Animeyed: Surreal Fusion of Human & Animal Eyes


Animeyed: Flora Borsi’s Strikingly Surreal Combination of Animal & Human Eyes   Flora Borsi is a young, talented photographic artist from Budapest, Hungary. She specializes in digital photography and is an expert photo manipulator. Flora Borsi’s surreal images have a running theme, they are usually focused on relationships, emotions, dreams …

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Android O Beta Version Might Be Out Soon

On Thursday, Google announced the end of its Android Nougat Beta Program, meaning there will be no more Android Nougat builds pushed out to devices with Stock Android. Instead, the company is gearing up for its next Android update — Android O. “Thank you for your interest in the Android …

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Best Summer Foods For Glowing Skin & Good Health

Summer!! Especially Indian summer is an onslaught of blinding light and fiery heat that toasts our skin to withered leather.. Avoiding looking like a grilled and wilted prune is our primary preoccupation. We lather on Sun blocks, down gallons of soft drinks, which offers us few seconds of respite. But …

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Easy To Make Curry Leaves|Kadipatta Chutney|Thogaiyal

curry leaves Chutney

  Curry leaves are used extensively in Asian cooking especially in SouthIndian cooking. They are one of the sought out stars of tadka. curry leaves garnish the yogurts or buttermilk lending their gentle aroma to the soothing liquid. Curry leaves wink across at you while floating on the creamy sambhar …

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